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how do i backup my Phone without icloud storage

how do i backup my iphone without icloud storage
I’m going to show you the simple thing you need to keep memories like this safe and sound ThePhotoStick Mobile

Have Important Memories On Your Phone? This one’s for you.

Hi everyone — if you’re here because you have a few important pictures and information on your phone you’d like to keep safe, then you’re in the right place.

My parents recently lost every single one of their favorite pictures, and I’m so mad at myself for not telling them about this device sooner.

They were actually at my college graduation (which was supposed to be one of the best days of my life) when it happened.

My mom had been trying to take a picture of the ceremony, and suddenly her iphone screen went completely blank.

She was already upset about missing the graduation photo ops, but we didn’t know how bad things were about to get.

When we got to the store and spoke to customer service, they told us that absolutely nothing on the iphone could be recovered.

Pictures of my sister’s newborn baby? Gone. Videos of my cousin’s first steps? Gone too. Every picture they had ever taken on the iphone?

Yep, completely gone.


A “Photo Catastrophe” Could Be Brewing On Your Phone – Be Prepared With PhotoStick Mobile!

As a family, we stood there shaking with frustration and sadness, all on my graduation day.

Please don’t relive my story!

All you have to do is listen to how the PhotoStick Mobile can prevent you from a disaster like this (and even provide a few other perks along the way).

If you have anything at all that you care about on your phone, the PhotoStick Mobile truly is for you.

ThePhotoStick Mobile
ThePhotoStick Mobile

What is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile is so tiny and simple, which is exactly why I felt I could recommend it to my parents to prevent the next mishap.

They tend to get a little frustrated when they can’t understand how to work technology right away.

But can you really blame them after they lost everything?

It’s just a little USB. It fits right in your pocket or on a keychain.

There aren’t any wires or anything like that.

How do I use ThePhotoStick Mobile?

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

You’ll notice that one end of the USB plugs directly into your phone.

You just connect the two and use the handy (and free!) app to start adding your photos or really any files at all.

Now you’re backed up! These photos will never vanish again.

If you want to bring these photos to another device like your computer, it’s just as simple!

The other end of the USB fits right into your computer, so you can bring your pictures right over.

You’ll also be happy to know that thousands of other people have given ThePhotoStick Mobile a shot already!

ThePhotoStick Mobile
ThePhotoStick Mobile

Keep Your Phone Freed Up without icloud storage

Another thing my parents were always complaining about were the “storage full” notifications they were getting on their phones.

Every time they tried to take a picture, they would miss the shot because of the pop-up, and then have to choose a precious memory to delete if they wanted to add a new one.

Fortunately, this problem is also immediately solved by ThePhotoStick Mobile.

With this device, you now have access to all the storage you could ever possibly need.

I take pictures all day, every day, and there’s no end to storage in sight.

Students in my photography class actually swear by this too, it’s not just for parents!

Getting Even More Out of the PhotoStick

The computer-end of the USB also helps you print any of the pictures you love!

On top of safety and security from the PhotoStick Mobile, it’s always wonderful to have a hard copy of the memories in your home.

After all, the PhotoStick Mobile was designed to help you enjoy your memories, and keep them for life.

The USB is such a versatile device, you can really plug it into almost every computer or printer and go from there.

It’s also worth mentioning how transportable the device is. I barely even notice it’s there when I keep it in my pocket.

ThePhotoStick Mobile
ThePhotoStick Mobile

Back-Up Your Memories Now

I truly hope you’ll heed my warnings.

I couldn’t convince my parents and they had to learn the hard way.

Take the proactive step you need to get everything protected now.

With the PhotoStick Mobile, you can rest easy knowing your memories are protected.

You can also enjoy a faster, better phone that isn’t so full and slow all the time.

And you can finally stop missing that perfect shot, just because your storage was full.

The  PhotoStick Mobile is the perfect protection and solution. It’s time to get on board!

ThePhotoStick Mobile

Say Goodbye To “Storage Full” Errors FOREVER!

ThePhotoStick Mobile Backs Up Your Precious Memories – Automatically!